Recipe of the Month: Raging Rita

Crushed ice to fill blender
2 cups sour mix (recipe follows)
1 cup tequila
3 ounces triple sec
1/4 cup fresh orange juice
12 lime wedges (for garnish)

Fill blender with ice. Add the sour mix, tequila, triple sec and orange juice.
Turn blender on low and begin blending. Gradually increase the blender speed until the margarita becomes smooth.
Pour into margarita glasses and garnish with limes wedges.

Sour Mix

1 cup water
1 cup powdered sugar
2 cups fresh lime juice

Bring water to a boil. Add the powdered sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and cool. Stir the lime juice into the simple syrup.

In Mexico we make a variety of Margaritas. Cucumber, tamarind and even jalapeño!

Janice W. Thomas
Savory Spoon Cooking School

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