Special Knife Sharpening Event – Sept. 19th, 9-1:00

Door County is full of Artists, Art Work and Gallery Shows, but have you consider the art of sharpening your knives? Some knives can cost hundreds of dollars and need to be treated like a valuable piece or Art.

Kelly Lewis has had her sharpening business for two and a half years and she often gets a question that goes something like this, “How on earth did you get into knife sharpening?” It all started by snagging an amazing job as store manager for a large kitchen store in Green Bay, Cooks Corner. She says, it was so much fun and really got her interested in cooking. She had a handful of customers come in looking for a knife sharpening service and she just flat out had no recommendations. Unfortunately, the store closed in 2017 which eventually led her down a path that involved helping to open a knife shop, learning the art of sharpening in California, helping to close that knife shop and eventually opening her own completely mobile sharpening business that she takes on the road. She lives in Green Bay but loves to come to the Savory Spoon Cooking School in Ellison Bay to share her talent with those in need.

She now sharpens on-site for restaurants, catering companies, hotels, florists and private clubs. She also has drop-off locations and participates in farmer’s markets and special events. She doesn’t just sharpen knives either, she sees EVERYTHING come in for sharpening. People bring items like axes, hog splitters and grass whips. She even gets things she has no idea what they are, but those often come with a good story from the client!

With Covid 19 we find that people are cooking more and realize they need to sharpen their knives to make them safer and more efficient. People are also doing more yard work, trimming, cutting and just cleaning up their gardens. Yardwork also calls for sharp cutting tools to be safe and efficient.

Savory Spoon Cooking School is offering this knife sharpening opportunity to sharpen your knifes and tools with a trained expert. By popular request Savory Spoon will host Kelly again on Sept. 19th, 9am-1:00pm.
Come early and drop off your knives or stay and tell your story

Social distancing will be in use in this outside experience in the schoolyard at the Savory Spoon Cooking School in downtown Ellison Bay on Hwy 42.

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