Savory Spoon Leads “Adventures in a Chinese Kitchen”

By , Peninsula Pulse

“Have you eaten yet?” In China, this is one of the most common and respectful greetings. The culinary tour, “Adventures in a Chinese Kitchen,” will introduce travelers to the culinary and cultural traditions of Asia’s most diverse region – Yunnan Province. The tour, led by Janice Thomas of Savory Spoon Cooking School and Jeanee and Brian Linden of Linden Gallery and Linden Centre, is scheduled for Feb. 25 – March 9, 2014.

Guests will be led through Yunnan Province on a cultural tasting tour. Travelers immerse themselves into the local culture, which is teeming with over 25 different ethnic groups – Thais, Burmese, Tibetans, Hmong, Mongolians and Han Chinese. It is a melting pot of tastes and smells that shatters preconceived ideas that China is a homogenous culture.

The tour will be enhanced with the food knowledge of the Linden Centre’s own executive chef, former teacher and head chef at the Yunnan Hotel, and with local cooks and teachers of regional Chinese cuisine.

The Lindens will share information on the tour in two locations: July 28, 4 – 6 pm, at Savory Spoon Cooking School in Ellison Bay and Aug. 5, 5 – 7 pm, at Schoolhouse Artisan Cheese in Egg Harbor. For more information visit or


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Savory Spoon Leads “Adventures in a Chinese Kitchen”