Guest Recipe of the Month: Rachel’s Cheese Crackers

cheese crackersCompliments of the Rachel Hass Lohman, owner of Analog Coffee in Sister Bay

1 ½ cups All purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 ½ cups shredded cheese of your choice
1 tsp fresh or dried herb of your choice- I like rosemary (optional)
⅓ cup hot water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

Using a food processor, combine flour, baking powder, salt, cheese and herbs (if using) and pulse a few times to mix. Add water and run until a ball of dough forms. You may need to add a bit more water based on your flour. It’s not going to ruin it. Just add it by the tablespoon until the dough comes together. This may also be done by hand if you do not have a food processor. Just combine until the dough forms a ball.

Divide the dough into two balls. Roll out each ball between two pieces of parchment paper. Don’t worry too much about the shape. But do try to make the dough as thin as possible. Transfer the dough and parchment to a cookie sheet and remove the top layer of paper. Repeat this process for the second ball of dough. Use a fork to poke a few holes throughout the dough. Using a knife or pizza cutter, cut the crackers into equal sized squares.

Bake for 25 to 35 minutes until golden and crispy. I usually remove the crispier edge pieces first and let the middle pieces keep baking until they are golden as well.

Notes: All purpose flour may be substituted with your favorite flour here! Any combination will work including gluten free options.

This recipe is endlessly riffable. Use any combination of cheese and herbs.

About Rachel Hass Lohman

As I sit down to write this email, the Safer at Home order in Wisconsin has just been extended. It’s got me dreaming about summer and the particular care free feelings that go with it. The possibility of picnics, and hikes with friends, and my classes at the Savory Spoon Cooking School. For the past several years, I have been lucky enough to teach a few courses and hopefully, this season will be no different! It’s an especially exciting season because I get to lead a new class on making Killer Sandwiches.
I own Analog Ice Cream and Coffee in Sister Bay, just one village south of the Cooking School. We have long made our own bakery and treats for the cafe, and until a few years ago, when we were called Drink Coffee, we made sandwiches as well. Sandwiches are great! They are versatile! In fact, I am certain that you can make a Pantry Challenge Sandwich with whatever you can find in your pandemic kitchen! Roast some veggies, FINALLY use that can of tuna that’s been in there since before The Rolling Stones had wrinkles, use bread, or a tortilla, or crackers! There’s very little that won’t lend itself to becoming a sandwich.
At our upcoming class, I’ll be giving you the recipes and teaching you the techniques to make some of our most popular sandwiches from the cafe including the Turkey Cheddar Melt and the Almost Famous Artichoke. For a sneak peek, I’m including a recipe for homemade crackers here. These are a perfect snack right now because, well, let’s face it. I grossly underestimated the amount of snacks we would need while stuck at home. Plus, there’s no need for yeast and you can flavor them with anything you have. I’ve made them with many kinds of cheese and several different herbs. They come together in about ten minutes and are ready to eat warm from the oven in half an hour. I hope you and your families enjoy them as much as we do. We all look forward to greeting you at the Cooking School this summer. Until then, stay healthy and stay sane. Cheers!


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