Floral Wreath DYI from Heidi Stodola

Compliments of Heidi Stodola, Floral Designer

DIY Flower Crown

Spring blooms are everywhere you look right now in Door County~ Here’s an ideal DIY project that you & your kids (or grandkids) can create that reflects the beauty of the season.

Grab a garden scissors, head outdoors and gather an assortment of fresh flowers, herbs, greens, buds & berries from your garden/backyard/flowering shrubs that you will use to form a pretty and fragrant flower crown. Dried flowers, faux flowers, or flowers purchased at your local market/store can be used as well for this project. Tip: Use cuttings of small-leafed houseplants (ivy, jasmine, fern, rosemary, etc.) as greens for your crown.

Simple steps below make this spring flower activity perfect for all skill levels. Your design can be minimal or as grand as YOU style it! Happy flowering! ~Heidi


  • Fresh, dried or faux flowers + (optional) greens/herbs & filler flowers/buds or berries
  • Grapevine wire, pipe cleaners, or heavy twine
  • Garden scissors
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Ribbon (optional)


  1. Use heavy twine, grapevine wire, pipe cleaners, or any thin bendable material to make a crown to loosely fit your head, this will account for the tape & stems you will be attaching to it.
    (Note: You can simply twist the ends together to make the crown, or make small loops on both ends, attach ribbon & tie a bow)
  2. Next, prepare the flowers & greens you will be attaching to your crown by cutting them into small pieces; about 3” lengths. Tip: clean stems by removing fine leaves
  3. Cluster a few of the stems together in your hand & make a mini bouquet, then wrap together tightly with florist tape. Start from the base of the flowers and wrap the tape downward to the ends of the stems. Repeat this process until you have 7-8 small mini bouquets. Tip: Feel free to create different combinations of clusters & add varying amount of flowers & fillers for a unique finish.
  4. Next, cut (approx. 3 pieces-12”long) of floral wire. Beginning @ one end of your crown, align a mini bouquet & attach to crown with one of the pieces of floral wire. Use about 6” of the wire & continue to step 5.
  5. Grab another mini bouquet and lay it along the crown form (facing the same direction), making sure not to leave a space between the bunches. Continue wrapping floral wire from the first bunch around the second cluster until it feels secure, too.
  6. Keep attaching mini bouquets to the crown form until you reach the end. Add new strands of floral wire as you need them.
  7. Optional: Add ribbon streamers or bow to back of crown.
  8. Take a picture wearing your flower crown, post your creation & tag us @savoryspooncookingschool. Check our social media the last week of June, where the lucky designer will be posted!

Meet Heidi

“If you enjoy gardening, finding beauty in the imperfectly perfect, creating pretty flower arrangements, then join me this summer @ the Savory Spoon for an organic perspective in flower arranging & add a little bit of YOU into our blooms.”

Heidi is a year-round resident of beautiful Door County & enjoys freelancing as a floral designer for private & public events. Her designs are inspired by her travels throughout the world & working as a designer on the East Coast.


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