Featured Visiting Chef – Emily Schield

It’s been a dream of mine to be a culinary instructor and share my love for beautiful brunch foods with other like-minded foodies! I’m so grateful Janice approached me that Fall day when I was taking food photos outside at a local Door County restaurant or I wouldn’t have been given this opportunity. So why brunch? I’ve always been one of those people who wakes up excited to eat (and usually ravenously hungry!) I look forward to the first meal of the day and usually go to bed dreaming about rosemary sourdough avocado toast made with a sprinkle of herby goat cheese, microgreens and a fried egg on top.

My connection to breakfast foods is something I’ve always been drawn to because of my love for farm fresh eggs, savory breakfast hash browns, homemade bakery made with fresh fruit and sipping on a warming unique beverage. I love eating both sweet and savory brunch options to satisfy all food cravings. Funny enough, my parents have very fond memories of me waking them up before dawn because I couldn’t wait to eat breakfast. Needless to say, this passion definitely started at a very young age and has continued to evolve and grow!

From a nutritional perspective, eating breakfast (especially a protein rich breakfast) helps balance blood sugar levels, increases satiety (so you don’t binge on empty calories later), creates higher energy and increases mental focus. I also love to focus on how I can bring more fermented foods into my morning eating routine and have grown to love pairing kimchi with scrambled eggs and freshly sautéed greens.

I believe everyone has the capability to live their life with high vitality and creating meals you love is part of that process. I’m excited to be sharing my love for brunch foods at the Savory Spoon this summer and helping to inspire you to reconnect back to your health, your morning routine and ultimately your food.

Come learn how to make homemade fruit based ice-cream, the only quiche crust recipe you’ll ever need, fresh salads that pop with flavor and learn how to juice your very own mimosa. I hope to see you this summer to indulge in fun and pretty eats made with fresh ingredients and heart!

Featured Visiting Chef Melissa Utschig
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