Culinary Tip: Pastry Magic For The Holidays!

Almost every recipe for a great pastry, asks that you process the flour and butter until the butter is pea size pieces.
In class at the Savory Spoon we always suggest that you take a cube of chilled, unsalted butter and cut twice lengthwise in one direction, and then turn it over and cut it twice lengthwise in the other direction.

Now, slice across the butter end to end and you will create pea size pieces that are the same size ready to use for your pastry.

You can cut several cubes of butter like this and freeze portions in zip lock bags, so it they are ready for your holiday pie baking season.

Always remember to mark your bags with amounts of butter enclosed and a date. Freezer tape is great for all items that you want to mark for your freezer.

Freezer tape is different than masking tape and is important for storage in your freezer. NO guessing just enjoying pre-prepped, make-your-life-easier freezer foods that you have prepared in advance.

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