Culinary Tip: Iceberg Lettuce

History Tip

Iceberg lettuce used to be Americas favorite, but now it moves over for all the varieties of micro greens.

Iceberg lettuce is as much a part of America’s kitchen as sliced bread. It is often added to sandwiches and burgers for a nice crunch and now it has made a come back as a wedge salad.

But where did it come from and when?
It comes from California’s Salinas Valley, the Lettuce capital of the world. In 1926 as the story goes, farmer Bruce Church lamented that there was no way to ship lettuce long distance without wilting, So he devised a system that became a standard for fresh-food distribution. He packed it in mounds of ice thus the name “iceburg lettuce.”

Tearing Greens:

Many recipes call for tearing the greens if the greens are to large. Tear the greens just before serving to prevent discoloring. Also, this term for lettuce means a gentle touch, not a strong tear.

In class I always suggest using your thumb and index finger for this technique so you can’t use to much force. Give it a try.

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