Culinary Tip: Squash


Choose The Best Squash For You:
When choosing a butternut squash, look for the squash with the long neck. The long neck is all full of great squash meat and not seeds. The little bulge at the bottom will have very few seeds to remove.

Size It Up On Vegetables:
When cooking any vegetables for soups or sauces, be certain to cut the pieces in a similar size so they all cook at the same time. ( No one likes a big, crunchy piece of vegetable in a soup or sauce when they are to be cooked until soft.)

Don’t Add The Cream:
If you plan to freeze a soup or Bisque, don’t add the cream until you remove it from the freezer. Cream will want to curdle if frozen in a soup.

Recipe of the Month: Couscous with Roasted Butternut Squash and Preserved Lemon