Culinary Tip: For Those Who Love Asparagus

Tip 1: Buy the freshest asparagus you can find. … (Firm not floppy)
Tip 2: Know which type you like best. … (Thick or Thin)
Tip 3: Store asparagus properly. … (Stems in an inch of water in a jar in the frig)
Tip 4: Wash it well. …
Tip 5: Break off the woody ends with an easy trick. …
Tip 6: Peel fatter stems. … ( I Love the fatter Asparagus that grows in my garden)
Tip 7: Cut it up to mask imperfections. …
Tip 8: Don’t overcook it! ( And I mean it)
Tip 9: Try it RAW it is also great.

Keep bending until the asparagus snaps. It will naturally snap so that the woody stem breaks off. Discard that part and eat the top part with the head on it.

The question that always arises at the Savory Spoon is to snap or to peel the bottom.

Some are wary of any recipe that instructs you to peel asparagus before cooking it. Not only is it labor-intensive, it’s really not necessary. Rick Martinez, BA’s digital associate food editor, explains that as long as you get rid of the bottom tough portion of the stalk, the rest is entirely edible. I like the look of a peel asparagus, when presented on a platter, so go ahead if you like the look, but it’s really not necessary.

In Italy, they boil and boil and boil the cut off stock pieces and puree them. They strain the puree, add some olive oil and use that as a sauce on fresh hot pasta.

Go ahead, and give it a try. Don’t forget the Parmesan.


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