Cheese, Vanilla, and International Sauces

By , Peninsula Pulse

he Savory Spoon of Ellison Bay has a great line up of classes to help prepare for the Labor Day celebrations and to begin the fall season!

August 30 at 6 pm, “Meet the Cheese Maker and Cheese Tasting” will feature Bob Wills, president and owner of Cedar Grove Cheese, which specializes in organic cheese made from pasteurized whole organic milk. The evening will feature some incredible cheese, artisan salami and other cheese accompaniments.

September 1 at 6 pm, Cam Nielsen will share her knowledge of vanilla. Her family company, Nielsen-Massey Vanilla, has been in business over 100 years and is respected as the best quality vanilla in the world. Chef Janice Thomas will lead attendees in creating delicious vanilla-inspired dishes.

September 2 at 6 pm, participants will have a chance to learn about a variety of spices that create flavors from specific countries and use vergus, a trendy juice made on Washington Island. Participants will also learn to make chutney, gremolata and how to work with phyllo.

September 3 at 6 pm, participants will learn how to make several international sauces to be used right away or given as gifts. Attendees will also learn how the French use their pistou in a soup and how easy it is to make a chutney to complement meat or cheese.

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