2019 Young Chef/ Kids Cooking Classes at the Savory Spoon

Cooking classes can give kids the confidence and curiosity to get creative in the kitchen, building a lifelong habit of healthier eating. To maximize these benefits, look for at our cooking class’s that emphasizes nutrition education along with cooking skills.

Why sign up your child, grandchild, niece or nephew up for cooking class?  Here are some reasons!

  1. Cooking classes are fun, they are sure to have a few laughs.
  2. Cooking classes teach you new things, You can watch all the cooking TV shows you want, but nothing gives you the hands-on experience of being in a real live class with a real live teacher and learn proper techniques, while answering your cooking questions —
  3. Cooking classes allow you to try new foods Who knows, they may have a hidden flair for rolling sushi or be able to cook with a wok.

July 16th Good Morning Sunshine Breakfast Class
July 23 Cooking With a Wok/ Wok and Roll
August 6th Mexican Fiesta
August 20th Down on the Farm / Farm to Table

Sign up your Young Chef now for this summertime fun and education
Classes will also visit a local farm to pick some of the organic produce used in the class.

Sharpen your Cooking Skills/Sharpen Your Knives!
Summer Floral Workshops!