Spice of Life

When stocking your spice cabinet, choose some whole spices as well as ground since they have a longer shelf life and flavor preservation.

Always check your spices before using them, they should smell fragrant and fresh and not musty and faint.

It is worth using fresh since they are the pantry essentials for success.

Pure and intense, fresh and flavorful, the key spices are the essence of great cooking.

With premium spices in your kitchen, your cooking prep will be a delicious success.

Spice House and Penzey's both from Wisconsin are the best resources for fresh spices. Flavor Extracts or Flavored Oils Extracts and oils both flavor carriers; extracts are less concentrated, and are often in an alcohol base that allows the flavor to disperse evenly. So often you would use a teaspoon of an extract yet only a drop of an oil to add amazing flavor. Nielsen-Massey Flavors and extracts, including America's top vanilla are of the highest quality and worth every extra penny they cost!

Janice W. Thomas
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