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Every which way with eggs. I am lucky enough to get my eggs from my girlfriend and she loves her chickens and they are happy. When anyone asks me where I get my farm fresh eggs, I say I cannot tell them, otherwise I would never get them for myself.

Fertile Eggs: Produced in a brood that has a rooster and likely not raised in a cage. Fertile eggs have the same nutritional value as unfertile eggs.

Cage-free eggs: "Cage-free" means hens are not confined to battery cages, but that's about it. They don't have access to the outdoors, and there are no assurances about what they are fed or what kinds of medications they are given. You might see this claim on all three types of non-battery cage production eggs - free-run, free-range and organic.

Free-run eggs: "Free-run" means chickens can move around in open concept barns, but they don't necessarily have access to the great outdoors and overcrowding may still be an issue.

"Free-range": "Free-range" means hens see the light of day (depending on the weather) and their feet actually come in contact with the earth.

Pasture Raised: Animals that have been raised on pasture with access to shelter. This is a term used by farmers who wish to distinguish themselves from the industrialized "free-range" term.

Organic eggs: your best choice! Hens that produce certified organic eggs benefit from the highest welfare standards. For example, the SPCA Certified label assures eggs come from farms that have passed their animal welfare standards. Certified organic labels often require the use of organic feed without growth hormones. We love Waseda Farms in Door County too!

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